Buzzword's New Book Launch 27.02.2015

Buzzword UK launched Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2 on 27th February 2015. This beautifully illustrated new title, priced at £6.99,  will be available from all bookstores supplied from independent, national book distributor Central Books ( (44 (0) 20 8525 8800).

Children's book author, Kiran Lyall, in her first book in the series Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 1  set out to teach non-Panjabi speaking children (and adults) how to speak Panjabi/Punjabi with a brightly illustrated, easy to follow book based on a simple 'say what you see' concept. The same sounds that are used in everyday English are used to pronounce the Panjabi words shown in the book, there is no Gurmukhi script shown.

Book 1 contains chapters on colours, counting, fruit, vegetables, drinks and days of the week. There is also a chapter testing what the child has learnt, enabling them to say short describing sentences.

Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2 continues in the same high standard of brightly illustrated pages to introduce Panjabi language to children, parents and teachers. New chapters include Family, Body, Home and Animals. Book 2 also includes a special 'What Mummy Says To Me' chapter which will help children to understand simple commands that their parents or elders may use, and also help many parents who are new to Panjabi to learn simple, useful phrases. (Please note Panjabi is also commonly referred to as Punjabi).
Using a simple learning technique, Have Fun With Panjabi Book 2 is the perfect starting point in exploring the Panjabi language. Ideal for every mum and dad to teach their children  and suitable for teachers and students of all age groups.

Notes to Editors:
Kiran Lyall, Author:  Born and raised in Kent, England, Kiran’s love of writing and storytelling began at age 16, when she entered her first publishing role. She continued working in a variety of positions in the publishing industry, which nurtured and developed her writing and storytelling skills, whilst also gaining different perspectives from travelling the world and spending many holidays in India. Kiran’s young children have become the inspiration to use her writing skills to produce fun and enjoyable stories for children.

Venisha Sudra, Illustrator:  Venisha graduated in 1999 with BA Hons in Media Production, since then she has focused on design and has worked for several publications and companies. Her most recent role was with Haymarket Media Group, where she was Art Editor of weekly magazine, Media Week. Over the years, Venisha has travelled to various parts of the world and experienced the traditions and practices of many cultures. She brings her knowledge of design together with the importance of educating the children of our multicultural world.
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Have Fun with Panjabi - Book 2 ISBN: 978 1 902544 090  £6.99