Britain's first Panjabi Alphabet workbook

My First Panjabi Alphabet (workbook)

Written by Kiran Lyall
Illustrated by Venisha Sudra

My First Panjabi Alphabet workbook guides children and beginners to learn and perfect their Panjabi/Gurmukhi script through practice and puzzles.

All 35 letters (akkhar) have an alphabet tracing formation guide on how to create the letter, example sounds/translations and challenging puzzles. Bonus chapters include loan letters and numbers 1 to 10.

My First Panjabi Alphabet is an engaging workbook, simple and clearly illustrated, perfect for parents, children and beginners, making it a useful learning book both at home and in the classroom.

“Learning a script at a young age offers children a potential future of increased cultural awareness as they gain literary access to a culture’s heritage. For young children to learn the Gurmukhi script, there have been a need for children-friendly resources. This book not only fulfills that need but sets a new standard of early teaching materials for Panjabi.” Dr Rishi Handa, teacher of Sanskrit, Panjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Learn the Panjabi alphabet through practice and puzzles. Perfect for parents, children and beginners, making this a useful book for the home and classroom.

ISBN 9781902544113
Price: £5.99

Published in UK
National Distributor: Central Books