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the asian bridal look book by Naveeda & Nina Haider

the asian bridal look book
ISBN13 : 9781902544069

by Naveeda & Nina Haider

the asian bridal look book has become has become an inspiration and standard for today’s Asian brides-to-be. A must have book for hair and make-up excellence.

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the asian bridal look book by Naveeda & Nina Haider

the asian bridal look book is a photographic guide to gorgeous hair and make-up for every bride-to-be's big day. This book provides solutions for Asian ladies of various skin tones on how best to match their make-up, hair colour, outfit and jewellery for their wedding day, as well as, other special occasions.

Created especially for Asian (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi & Sri Lankan) brides-to-be,the asian bridal look book is a must for every Asian household, to be referred to again and again. the asian bridal look book is set out in three special chapters: Chapter 1 - Contemporary Look; Chapter 2 - Classic Look; Chapter 3 - Hairstyles.

the asian bridal look book, the first of its kind in Britain, photographically illustrates various make-up and outfit colour combinations to match a variety of skin tones as well as styles of jewellery and accessories that help achieve the most beautiful, overall bridal look.

Hair and make-up designs were created by top Asian celebrity (Bollywood) make-up artists in the Asian beauty industry, Naveeda and Nina Haider, tthe asian bridal look book oozes perfection, presenting over 50 make-up designs that will work well with brides' outfits and over 30 different hairstyles.

The book includes over 25-key colours schemes used in the different Asian communities, as well as religions (Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh). It also uses a variety of models - all with different face shapes and skin tones - enabling the book to be useful in all Asian communities. Photographs by Alexandre Pichon.

the asian bridal look book
ISBN13 : 978190254406


'Brimming with all things bride and beautiful, this book will prove invaluable to any woman wanting to look her best on her wedding day."

Shihab Salim, Editor-in-Chief, Asiana Wedding


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