Introducing the Vidya Reading Scheme with The Pullpots

The Vidya Reading Scheme is a children’s levelled book series for Panjabi readers. Written in Gurmukhi, The Pullpots: Rasoi and The Pullpots: Road Trip are the first in the series, introducing children to a range of everyday Panjabi words and sentences. These brightly designed and delightful short stories invite readers to explore the world of Gurmukhi Panjabi, creating confident readers along the way. The English transliteration at the back of the book allows non-Panjabi readers to join in. These books are perfect for the classroom and at home. Knowledge of the Panjabi alphabet including vowels is essential.
The Pullpots are the main characters for the scheme and are comprised of Baba Jee Pullpot, Bibi Jee Pullpot and their three grandchildren Honey, Sunny and Happy. From road trips with Baba Jee to rolling some atta with Bibi Jee, the stories aim to highlight the love and adventures between grandparents and their grandchildren. 
Kiran Lyall is a children’s book author and Panjabi tutor. She has combined her passion for writing and languages to create engaging and enjoyable stories for children.  A core component of Kiran’s work revolves around fun interactive learning, bringing alive her books Have Fun With Panjabi, Book 1 and Have Fun With Panjabi 2, My First Panjabi Alphabet and the Vidya Reading Scheme. Kiran is also the creator of Funjabi Tuition, teaching Panjabi to children through games, music and drama. 
Venisha Sudra is a designer and illustrator. She is best known for her vibrant designs in books written by Kiran Lyall, including Have Fun With Panjabi, My First Panjabi Alphabet, Ria & Raj and the Gigantic Diwali Surprise and the Vidya Reading Scheme. 
“Gurmukhi is a script which was codified by the second Guru of the Sikh religion and this script holds the key to being able to understand and fully appreciate the Gurbani (Holy Text) contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. What more can one say to emphasize the importance of learning Panjabi.” Surinder Singh Manak LL.B (Hons), Senior Partner, Manak Solicitors
“Panjabi is not just a language but also a culture. Speaking, writing, understanding and being able to communicate in Panjabi will ensure our heritage is never forgotten. If we fail to provide the language the importance it deserves, our future generations will not understand its true uniqueness.  Hence, I truly commend the Vidya Reading Scheme.” Jagjit Dhillon, Director, Dhillons Building Services
The Pullpots: Rasoi ISBN: 978-1-902544-13-7 and The Pullpots: Road Trip ISBN: 978-1-902544-12-0 are available to purchase via all major book stores and also direct from the author and publisher websites, /