Have Fun with Panjabi - Book 2

Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2
ISBN13 : 9781902544090
Written by Kiran Lyall,
illustrated by Venisha Sudra
Introducing Panjabi language to children

Teach children to speak Panjabi/Punjabi with this brightly illustrated, easy to follow book. Have Fun with Panjabi Book 2 is based on a simple 'say what you see' concept.

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Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2

Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2 continues to introduce Panjabi language to children, mothers and teachers.  Chapters include Family, Home, Body and Animals. Book 2 also includes a special ‘What Mummy Says To Me’ chapter which will help children to understand simple commands that their parents and elders may use, and also help many parents who are new to Panjabi to learn simple, useful phrases. Using our simple learning technique, Have Fun With Panjabi - Book 2  is the perfect starting point in exploring the Panjabi language. Suitable for all age groups.

Editor’s Note:  Panjabi is also commonly referred to as Punjabi.

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Reviewed by Anjum Nayyar, Co-Host, Editor-in-chief and Karen Johnson, Co-Host

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Fun With Panjabi for Kids
March 13, 2015 by Guruka Singh
Kiran Lyall, the creator of "Have Fun With Panjabi" and "Ria & Raj and the Gigantic Diwali Surprise" has now published the second book in her Panjabi for kids series: "Have Fun With Panjabi: Exploring Language with Children."

It's perfect for kindergarten age kids to learn basic words and phrases and have a lot of fun at the same time. The first book in the series covered counting (numbers), colours, fruits and vegetables. Book two covers family relationships, parts of the body, common objects you find at home and animals. My favorite section was "What Mummy Says to Me" which has the phases every child knows: "put your toys away;" "eat your food;" "comb your hair," and more. These are point and "say what you see" books full of bright splashes of colour and fun illustrations.

If you've seen the first book in the series,this one is even better, and if you haven't then pick up both of them. If you have little kids, or grandchildren, and you want them to have fun learning their basic Panjabi, there's no better way than these two charming books.

You can purchase Book Two of "Have Fun With Panjabi: Exploring Language with Children" for just £6.99 at Buzzword UK or Amazon.co.uk.

Review by Pink Chai Living

Have Fun With Panjabi Books

I connected with the author of these books Kiran Lyall over Twitter, and she offered to send a couple for the kids to try out. Since teaching the littles Punjabi is a huge priority for me, I was super excited to test the books out.
The kids have been using the books for about two weeks and love to practice the phrases, and the animal names the most. The books provides simple translations for household items, relationships, fruit, vegetables, etc, and everything is written out phonetically. It’s definitely not going to make them fluent in Punjabi, but I love that it’s got them thinking about it. Since starting to work with the books they’ll ask me to translate other things for them throughout the day – how do you say watermelon, or ostrich in Punjabi mom, and I love it.


Review by Masalamomma.com

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guruka Singh  |  2015-03-12

It's perfect for kindergarten age kids to learn basic words and phrases and have a lot of fun at the same time. - Guruka Singh

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