The Pullpots: Road Trip

The Pullpots: Road Trip
ISBN13 : 9781902544120
Written by Kiran Lyall,
illustrated by Venisha Sudra
Introducing Panjabi script and language to children

The Pullpots: Road Trip is based on Gurmukhi script. Ideal for 6 - 12 year old children.

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The Vidya Reading Scheme is a children’s levelled book series for Panjabi readers. Written in Gurmukhi, The Pullpots: Rasoi and The Pullpots: Road Trip are the first in the series, introducing children to a range of everyday words and sentences. These brightly designed and short delightful stories invite readers to explore the world of Gurmukhi Panjabi, creating confident readers along the way.

The English transliteration at the back of the book allows non-Panjabi readers to join in. These books are perfect for the classroom and at home. Knowledge of the Panjabi alphabet including vowels is essential.

Baby Brain Memoirs Review 2018:


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