Is your child a Panjabi Star in the making? Do they want to learn to read, write and speak Panjabi in a fun but structured environment? If so, Funjabi Tuition is the place for them to be. Created by children’s book author Kiran Lyall, Funjabi Tuition teaches children Panjabi/Gurmukhi through books, music, games and even a bit of acting!

Individual and small group lessons
Funjabi Tuition offers private and small group Panjabi (Punjabi) lessons for children. Learning is through books, puzzles, games, music and even a little bit of acting! Group lessons require a minimum of 6 students per sitting and are grouped by age. For further information please use the Contact Form.

Reading, writing and speaking
Lessons are structured to include three areas of learning: reading, writing and speaking Panjabi. Funjabi Tuition aim for each student to achieve a basic level in all three areas. Badges are awarded for achievement and attainment.
Note: Funjabi is a play on words 'Fun' and 'Panjabi'. It is not a separate language. The reading and writing taught is Gurmukhi Panjabi.

Tuition Tools
Reminder to all students, remember to bring the following to each lesson:
- My First Panjabi Alphabet Workbook
- Writing book
- Folder with punched pockets
- Pen/pencil