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Group Tuition

New Term Time Group Class 

Day & Time:  Wednesdays 5pm-5:40pm (Starting 13th September - Secondary School Children only)
                        Thursdays 4pm-4:40pm (Starting 14th September)

Each Lesson Duration: 40 minutes

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Number of participants: Maximum 4 

Level: Beginners 

Created and taught live by author and Panjabi teacher, Kiran Lyall. 

Winter term (12 weeks) 
Term overview: 
- This term will focus on speaking Panjabi in the past tense.  Students are taught grammar and how to structure sentences both to answer and create a question.  The focus verbs include ate, drank and did.
 Introduction to belongings.

Summer term 2024 (11 weeks)
Term overview: 

- This term will focus on learning to read and write the alphabet and words in Gurmukhi.  A copy of My First Panjabi Alphabet will be required for lessons. 

Summer term 2024 (12 weeks) 
Term overview:

- This term will focus on speaking, reading and writing Panjabi. 

Weekly homework will be set.

To book your space or for further information email

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