Support 2018

Manak Solicitors (sponsors of My First Panjabi Alphabet and The Pullpots).

"Gurmukhi is a script which was codified by the second Guru of the Sikh religion and this script holds the key to being able to understand and fully appreciate the Gurbani (holy text) contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. What more can one say to emphasise the importance of learning Panjabi." - Surinder Singh Manak, Senior Partner  

Dhillons Building Services (sponsors of The Pullpots) "Panjabi is not just a language but also a culture. Speaking, writing, understanding and being able to communicate in Panjabi will ensure our heritage is never forgotten. If we fail to provide the language the importance it deserves, our future generations will not understand its uniqueness. Hence, I truly commend the Vidya Reading Scheme." - Jagjit Singh Dhillon, Director, Dhillons Building Services

"Learning a script at a young age offers children a potential future of increased cultural awareness as they gain literary access to a culture's heritage." - Dr Rishi Handa, Language Consultant, Teacher of Sanskrit, Panjabi and Hindi  

"This bright and colourful book will be welcomed by many families in the Panjabi community who have not had the opportunity to learn the Gurmukhi script, but are keen to transmit the language to their young children. It will also be helpful in schools to teachers who are introducing children to different languages. I would have loved such a book when I was a teacher myself." – Dr Raymonde Sneddon, Research Fellow in Multilingualism, University of East London (about Have Fun With Panjabi).

"Thanks to Funjabi Tuition my two children speak Panjabi at home with each other and are able to communicate with their grandparents. Best of all they look forward to their lessons each week." - Mrs Bains.