Funjabi Tuition Online Lessons

Funjabi Tuition Online has arrived! 

Learn the wonderful language of Panjabi from the comfort of your own environment. From complete beginners to lesson top-ups, Funjabi Tuition Online lessons will help you or your child to reach your Panjabi language learning goals. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Funjabi Tuition Online. 

How many students can participate in an online lesson? 

At the moment, Funjabi Tuition Online currently offers one-to-one lessons only. One-to-one lessons allow students to learn at their own pace, allowing the Funjabi Tuition curriculum to be adapted to suit individual needs. 

How are lessons taught? 

Lessons are taught live through a secure online software system. Safeguarding Notice: It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the software is shut down correctly at the end of the lesson. 

How long are online lessons? 

Lessons are 30 minutes in duration. 

What days are they taught? 

Tuesdays to Thursdays daytime and evenings, term time only. A designated time slot will be allocated. Additional time slots will be available during school holidays. 

I only want speaking lessons for my child, is this possible? 

Sure! One-to-one lessons are adapted to suit your needs. Upon initial consultation, targets will be agreed. 

Do you teach adults? 

It depends on their requirements. 

Do you have a lesson commitment requirement? 

You can purchase single lessons if this fulfills your requirements, thereafter block bookings of four lessons are required for ongoing lessons.  

What is the minimum age for children to participate? 

The recommended age for children is 7 years old (Year 3 equivalent) onwards. Key Stage 1 children will be considered if both the parent and Funjabi Tuition agree. 

For further information email or use the Contact form. 

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