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The Pullpots visit Bhangraland

  • Bhangraland is open! A theme park full of musical magic. Take a ride on the Dhol Drop, Harmonium Hop and the Chimta Clapper. Today is extra special, as one of The Pullpots has been invited to cut the red ribbon on a certain rhythmic ride. Can you guess which Pullpot it will be?

    With bold illustrations and cultural theme, The Pullpots visit Bhangraland is the perfect story to be enjoyed in the classroom as well as at bedtime. Also inside is a fun facts instrument page by renowned musician, Juggy Rihal. 

    The Pullpots visit Bhangraland is part of the Vidya Reading Scheme culture collection, which introduces children to the Panjabi language and culture with help from The Pullpots.  


    ISBN: 9781916006805

    Number of pages: 36

    Dimensions: 220 x 250mm 

    Language: English 

    Format: Paperback

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