Funjabi Tuition is a unique teaching method and full curriculum tak­ing complete beginners of Panjabi to become confident speakers, readers and writers. Created and taught by Panjabi tutor and author, Kiran Lyall, Funjabi Tuition’s curriculum is based upon popular culture and interests, for example Lego. Kiran says “The students I teach connect more with the likes of Panjabi MC and Lilly Singh, rather than traditional artists and themes that I love. One thing that has become most apparent since starting Funjabi Tuition is the sheer joy and con­fidence being bilingual brings to an individual”.

Reading, writing and speaking

Lessons are structured to include three areas of learning: reading, writing and speaking Panjabi. Funjabi Tuition aims for each student to achieve a basic level in all three areas. With some students achieving fluency in all three areas. 

Types of lessons: 

Classroom Tuition and Online Tuition

The Rung Song

Funjabi Tuition proudly presents The Rung Song. A song which helps children to learn their Panjabi colours through every day lyric association. The official video stars Funjabi Tuition's very own characters, The Pullpots. It's simple lyrics and catchy beat will have you singing along in no time. 

"I love it" said Shay, presenter of Sunny and Shay Show, BBC Radio London. 


Available on to download on Spotify and iTunes. 


Note to parents: Click the download button and print off The Rung Song colouring sheet.  Perhaps print one for yourself too!

Note to child: Listen to The Rung Song whilst colouring in the sheet. The instruction on the sheet is 'Add lots of rung to this picture of The Pullpots', will you choose the same colours that you see on screen or choose your own? One thing for certain is that you'll be singing along to The Rung Song. 

Note to parents again: Feel free to share your child's creations with us. Email or tag us on social media. 

Panjabi Books 

Reading books, writing books and speaking books! Funjabi Tuition has them in their range

Current titles:

Have Fun With Panjabi Book 1

Have Fun With Panjabi Book 2

My First Panjabi Alphabet

The Pullpots: Rasoi

The Pullpots: Road Trip

My Panjabi Puzzles

My Panjabi Dot-To-Dot



Parent feedback has highlighted the following benefits of their children attending Funjabi Tuition lessons. 

- Increase in confidence

- Become more culturally aware

- Keenness to converse with elders in the family

- Sense of pride in being bilingual. 

"Thanks to Funjabi Tuition my two children speak Panjabi at home with each other and are able to communicate with their grandparents. Best of all they look forward to their lessons each week. 

- Mrs M K Bains. 


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