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Funjabi Tuition provides quality online Panjabi tuition for children

(aged 7+) and adult learners.


To assist with learning, Funjabi Tuition has published a range of books and creative resources including the ever popular The Rung Song.  A song which helps children to learn their Panjabi colours through every day lyric association. The official video stars Funjabi Tuition's very own characters, The Pullpots.

Funjabi Tuition's unique teaching method and curriculum takes a complete beginner of Panjabi to become a confident speaker, reader and writer. Lessons are taught by author and panjabi tutor, Kiran Lyall




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Panjabi Books 

Reading books, writing books and speaking books! Funjabi Tuition has them in their range

Current titles:

Have Fun With Panjabi Book 1

Have Fun With Panjabi Book 2

My First Panjabi Alphabet

The Pullpots: Rasoi

The Pullpots: Road Trip

My Panjabi Puzzles

My Panjabi Dot-To-Dot


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Out now!

Sponsored by Manak Solicitors and Dhillons Building Services


Bhangraland is open! A theme park full of musical magic. Take a ride on the Dhol Drop, Harmonium Hop and the Chimta Clapper. Today is extra special, as one of The Pullpots has been invited to cut the red ribbon on a certain rhythmic ride. Can you guess which Pullpot it will be?

With bold illustrations and cultural theme, The Pullpots visit Bhangraland is the perfect story to be enjoyed in the classroom as well as at bedtime. Also inside is a fun facts instrument page by renowned musician, Juggy Rihal. 

Order your copy today.


Parent feedback has highlighted the following benefits of their children attending Funjabi Tuition lessons. 

- Increase in confidence

- Become more culturally aware

- Eagerness to converse with elders in the family

- Sense of pride in being bilingual. 

"Thanks to Funjabi Tuition my two children speak Panjabi at home

with each other and are able to communicate with their grandparents. Best of all they look forward to their lessons each week. 

- Mrs M K Bains. 


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